Global-ident Connect

Global-ident Connect. Keeping companions connected

Keeping companions connected

What is Global-ident Connect?

Global-Ident Connect microchips keeps you and your companion connected through the provision of the highest quality Radio Frequency identification (RFID) microchip technology. The GI Connect RFID microchip implant is injected subcutaneous, providing permanent, lifetime traceability for pets.


At Global-Ident Connect we will provide you with quality products, easy ordering, rapid delivery, great customer service and competitive prices.


Global-Ident Connect supplies to certified veterinarians and qualified microchip implanters.




New XS1.4mm MiniChips are now available!

Global-Ident XS1.4mm MiniChips are 33% smaller then standard microchips which means that a much smaller gauge needle is required for injection.  The smaller gauge needle allows for a simpler procedure for non-anaesthetic applications & is ideal for small animals, reptiles & birds.



Order online now or download an order form that can be faxed, posted or emailed to us.


The Injector
Global-ident Sterile RFID Microchip Injector.

The Injector

GI connect's latest generation injector offers the user a new level of easy application. The design has an ergonomic grip that compels confidence when injecting. The ultra sharp needle ensures little to no discomfort on application. The injector is packaged within a sterile pack along with five microchip labels. Each label presents the unique RFID code of the microchip in EAN128 barcode.

  • Closed finger rings for extra grip
  • Non-return click to ensure that microchip is successfully inserted
  • Security ring prevents premature ejecting of microchip
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Detachable needle offers selectable garbage disposal


The Microchip
Global-ident RFID Microchip is supplied pre-loaded within the GI Injector.

The Microchip

The microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice. Gi connect microchips are supplied in a box of 10. Each box of 10 is supplied with a unique batch number. A full record of trace back is recorded at the Global-ident connect database of the batch number allocation.

  • Each microchip is coated with Parylene which is a medical grade
    anti migration coating
  • Microchips are ISO 11784 & 11785 certified
  • Quality European Technology and Manufacturing


AAR Registration
Option available for AAR Registered GI Microchips.

AAR Registration

Global-ident connect are focused on providing dependable RFID microchip technology that is combined with easy and safe injection to prepare a pet for database registration. Gi connect microchips can be supplied with or without registration. Global-ident connect can supply a microchip with widely known and recognised Australian Animal Registry (AAR) registration in an easy to purchase, low cost package. The combination of Gi connect microchip with database registration will safe-guard your beloved pet should they go missing.

Unique Features

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